Dolcetto d'Alba DOC

Grape variety: Dolcetto from Serralunga d'Alba

Dolcetto d’Alba possesses a youthful fragrance, with a ruby red color with purple reflections and a fresh and fruity perfume.

Barbera d'Alba DOC

Grape variety: Barbera from Serralunga d'Alba

Barbera d'Alba is a wine of prestige, rich ruby red color. Characteristic and delicate, with scents of black berries that is perfected and  accentuated with aging.

Langhe Nebbiolo DOC

Grape variety: Nebbiolo from Serralunga d'Alba

Langhe Nebbiolo expresses itself best after some years of aging, and this depends on the land where it was harvested.The color is ruby red, in time tending to garnet, the fragrance unites the red fruit, ethereal and spices.

Barolo Collaretto DOCG

Grape variety: Nebbiolo from Collaretto, Serralunga d'Alba

Barolo red with garnet hues that over the years tend towards orange. Lingering, velvety with extraordinary character and nobility, with hints of
violet and licorice. A hot symphony of flavors that gives the consumer satisfaction and pleasure.

Barolo Vignarionda Riserva DOCG

Grape variety: Nebbiolo from VignaRionda, Serralunga d'Alba

Barolo Riserva an excellent Italian wine which knows how to create the atmosphere on big occasions, confirming class and finesse, elegance and superior quality. Astonishing for the great variety of nuances of color and scents that make each year a unique and unrepeatable event which gives new emotions every time you drink it.

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